Co-founder of Galza.

Otium has been a member of HRG since 1998.

He started as a newschool ascii artist, soon specializing in drawing monochrome portraits.

In 2015 he experimented further with other types of textmode art and leads Galza into the Commodore 64 scene, with the help of coder Se7en, releasing themed Commodore 64 petscii artpacks, either containing monochrome portraits or abstract artworks.

Otium's style evolved from monochrome newschool ascii portraits into monochrome petscii portraits and colorful abstract petscii artworks. He regularly releases monochrome block style asciis as a member of the international ansi art super group Blocktronics.

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Selected works

Fuzzwalk by Otium
Unknown Pleasures by Otium
Masks by Otium and Cthulu
Emomali by Otium
Kato by Otium
Grigori by Otium
Boris by Otium
Daegu by Otium
The Game by Otium
Nouchka 2 by Otium