Galza 24 is the first pack featuring all abstract works. Apart from Otium's and Ray Manta's works, it includes guest pieces by Raquel Meyers, Ailadi of PET.CORP and Matt Matthew of Blocktronics.

Find the emulated Commodore 64 version here (opens in a new tab; press play; loading can take a while ;)). The prg, coded by Se7en, features music by Ray Manta.


Menu by Ray Manta
Galza-24 Pack Info by Otium
Galza 24 by Matt Matthew
Abstract 02 by Ailadi
Moskwa by Otium
Plan B by Otium
Wir by Otium
Destiny 101 by Raquel Meyers
Destiny 102 by Raquel Meyers
Destiny 103 by Raquel Meyers
Destiny 104 by Raquel Meyers
Alien Workplace by Ray Manta
Cloister by Ray Manta
C Reaktor by Ray Manta
Data Temple by Ray Manta
Manta Temple by Ray Manta
Zen Panel by Ray Manta