Galza-23: Propaganda

Galza 23 is the first Galza pack using the petscii Commodore 64 charset. It features portraits of figures from Russia's communist past, with some links to the present times.

Find the emulated Commodore 64 version here (opens in a new tab; press play; loading can take a while ;)). The prg, coded by Se7en, features music by The Syndrom.


Menu by Se7en
Galza-23 Pack Info by Otium
Alexander by Otium
Emomali by Otium
Fidel by Otium
Grigori by Otium
Grigoryevich by Otium
Kato by Otium
Kim by Otium
Koba by Otium
Mikhail by Otium
Stanislav by Otium
Valentina by Otium
Vladimir by Otium
Vladimirovich by Otium
Yuri by Otium
Yurii by Otium
Miss U by Luciano
Galza-23 by Luciano