Galza-27: 20 Years of Galza

Galza 27 marks the 20th birthday of Galza. It features abstract works by Otium and Ray Manta and guest pieces by Ailadi and Jambonbill of PET.CORP and Matt Matthew of Blocktronics.

The pack was released at Flashparty 2019 in Buenos Aires.

Find the emulated Commodore 64 version here (opens in a new tab; press play; loading can take a while ;)). The prg, coded by Se7en, features music by Dam.


Menu by Se7en
Galza-27 Pack Info by Otium
Cali_G by Matt Matthew
Subtraction by Matt Matthew
Even by Ailadi
Patchwork by Ailadi
Crash by Jambonbill
Wabi Sabi by Jambonbill
Control by Otium
Daegu by Otium
Frogger by Otium
Horizon by Otium
Lisa Black by Otium
The Game by Otium
Blowerfed by Ray Manta
Dizaray by Ray Manta
Gnative by Ray Manta
Kerlomz by Ray Manta
Panel by Ray Manta
Relief by Ray Manta