Selection of ascii, ansi, xbin and mixed media works by various Galza artists who released their works in artpacks Galza 1 until 22 between 1999 and 2014.


Prepare for Galza on the Web by Iron Lung
Bonse by Otium and Iron Lung
Noize Player by Otium and Havok
Articles by Ultimate
Dehumanize by Iron Lung
Fac3 by Oxygen
Dude by Otium and God Among Lice
My Girl by Otium and Iron Lung
Remission by God Among Lice by Oxygen and Iron Lung
Galza by Ultimate
Remains by Shadow
H. P. Lovecraft by Shadow
Dark by Otium and me.ascii
Presidente by Otium
Heartwork by Shadow
Onoda by Otium
Self Destruction by Shadow
Pathology of Power by Otium, Cthulu and Shere
Classic Galza Shirt design by Otium and Iron Lung